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A breakthrough in wireless stereo speaker technology

The ultimate solution

Caskeid is the world’s most accurately synchronized wireless multiroom audio experience. The unique technology within Caskeid delivers outstanding audiophile-quality stereo playback throughout the home to satisfy even the most demanding listener. Caskeid is licensable technology from Imagination, a global leader in multimedia and communication technologies.

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The accessible solution

Caskeid-enabled speakers work with your standard domestic Wi-Fi network and are extremely easy to use and to set up. Simply use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control and listen to beautifully synchronized music throughout your home. Caskeid is the world’s most accurately synchronized wireless multiroom connected audio streaming technology.

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Discover what Caskeid means in the evolution of digital audio with: Jeremy Abington, director of software services, Imagination Technologies; Feargal Sharkey, music industry executive and former lead singer of The Undertones; and Raoul Chatterjee, SVP of Music at 7digital.

Caskeid Wireless Audio Synchronization
Jeremy Abington, Director of Software
Imagination Technologies

The Music Industry Needs New Technology
Feargal Sharkey, Music Industry Executive and former lead singer of the Undertones

Music Technology in the Marketplace
Raoul Chatterjee, Senior Vice President - Music

A revolution in stereo

Accurate synchronisation is vital to achieving a good stereo listening experience as it enables music tracks to be heard accurately as recorded. Caskeid technology comes into its own when listening in stereo thanks to its accurate synchronisation. Caskeid-enabled speakers can be paired to deliver an immersive listening experience and an accurate, faithful reproduction of the soundstage just as the artist intended.

Caskeid enabled speakers

Cloud-based music

Caskeid works seamlessly with streaming services to deliver cloud-based music and radio services. The Caskeid App Developer Kit (ADK) enables agnostic app support for popular music and audio streaming services over Wi-Fi for any Caskeid speaker.